Hey There Lil Bird

Hey there, little bird, do your wings tire when you fly?
O Mighty traveler, why do you seek that horizon?
Tell me little one, I promise I’ll tell everyone
Do stars look prettier as droplets in the night sky?
Or as joyous reflections on the waters of morn
The dancing children of a rising sun
Have you flown over verdant forests?
Dappled with coarse to velvet green?
Thirsted forever over perchless deserts?
Got drunk on an oasis blooming between?
Hey there, little bird
Have you laughed at the boundaries we drew?
Do mighty men ‘own’ these lands
As seen from a bird’s view
Even from afar,
is it obvious my friend to you
How greedy humans pulse with demands.
Asymmetric & askew

© Suraj Mani

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