The Gift

I see crystal trees lit in green, orange and white
It’s a carnival out there and neon mocks the night
Nearby a graveyard sleeps under a blanket of dark
Men dead & gone replenish the earth, play their part
Seems some of us have to die to turn green
(Seems) Some of us are now joining in between
With a sense of urgency, even one of joy
Learning to turn away from the unwanted toy
And it’s nice to know, some of us make a difference
That's beyond just talking it up, at some conference
As a shrinking carbon footprint, a growing conscience
As part of a collective greed, that eases & lessens
Go on, look around, re-cognize your gifts
It’s every single thing that cannot be bought
Let hands like hearts hold not, for more time than befits
But embrace and empty before the onset of rot
And if people still starve while food's being burnt
Its coz the ethics of gifting is yet being learnt
This is truly a beautiful world that we live in
May what’s now our gift, grow in its giving

© Suraj Mani

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