Your Epitaph

You’ve got whole worlds staring at screens
And yet no one ever senses you in between.
You could be any of its ones or zeros
One of its zillion unsung heroes
I’m told you’re a geek god in a glass temple
Worshipped. Overpaid. Replaceable.
The human architect of this digital crucible
Neo, Invincible, One, Invisible.
You exist God-like in a desk job mode
In so many time-zones, you dare not rest
I say you can't be benched, right-sized or dropped on the road
Now you know that we live 'with' and not 'for' the index
And that my friend is the reason we sing for you now
It's why these words chose to wait for you somehow
You see the world is so much smaller these days
How could something so small, ever take away a face?
This is your epitaph, this world we live in
As status updates & eternal smokescreens
Ones and zeros all put in place
That we may reach out in digital embrace
We're in a world that is so much smaller these days
So small, precious little’s left face to face

© Suraj Mani

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